frequently asked questions
Is all fishing tackle provided?
Yes we supply all fishing tackle and bait.
We have never been fishing before, can we expect to catch fish on our first charter?
Yes, we cater to everyone from the most inexperienced to seasoned experienced anglers. If you have never done this before we are eager to help you develop your skills and become an accomplished angler.
What type of clothing should I wear and what else should I bring?
Light tropical clothes and rubber shoes. It is advisable to wear a hat and sunblock lotion. Polarized sunglasses preferred. And don't forget your camera.
What about lunch & beverages?
We include a packed lunch (picnic basket) for the full day and an open bar (which is also included in the half day. You can bring any other food that you prefer. We will be happy to store it in our cooler or you can bring your own personal cooler.
Will we be able to keep our catch?
Sorry no, the catch belongs to the boat, but on request the captain can provide filets of fish for a meal.
Do you do Reef Fishing?
We are deep sea fisherman, and that is our expertise. Only sometimes we will do some reef fishing, depending the time of year. But you may ask.
Is there a better time of day for fishing?
In Offshore Deep Sea Fishing it really does not matter if it is early in the morning or later in the afternoon, like it would for bottom fishing. It is a case of spending time out there looking for signs where fish may be feeding (weed lines, seabirds, bait fish, water color contrasts, currents, etc). When you find these signs, you start finding and catching fish. The more time in the ocean, the greater the chances.
Do you split Charters?
When we can, we will. Although we rarely have the opportunity to split the charters with another parties, but there is always a chance that it may happen.
It is very difficult to find other persons on exactly the same day that are also willing to share a charter. If it happens, we will be happy to do so.
Do we need to tip the Mate?
Yes, it is customary to tip the mate for his work throughout the day.
Can you take more than 6 passengers?
Absolutely no. It is against US Coast Guard regulations (which we strongly adhere to here in the BVI).
Is there a Head or Bathroom onboard?
Is there shade on your boat?
Yes, the cockpit is partially covered with a foldable canopy. You decide if you want the sun or the shade.
What pound tackle is available?
We usually use 20 lb. through 50 lb. test tackle. We also carry 80 lb. when Blue Marlin are running big (400-700 lbs.) There is 10 lb. spinning tackle on board for lots of fun with schoolies.
Should I take motion sickness pills or patches?
If you know you have been sea sick before or feel not too sure, it is advisable that you take one.
We are staying on TORTOLA; do we have to come over to VIRGIN GORDA to meet the boat?
If you are staying on Tortola, we will be happy to come over and pick you up at Trellis Bay in time for a full day charter. If you only need a half day charter, then you can quite simply catch Speedy's ferry to Virgin Gorda and we will meet you at the dock and return to Tortola after the charter.
Will we be refunded if the weather is rough or illness?
No, once the boat leaves the dock you will be charged the price of the charter.
How do we reserve a trip?
We will hold a reservation on a VISA, MC, or AMEX. We observe a 48 hr/50% cancellation policy from November 1st through April. From May 1st through October we observe a 30 day/50% cancellation policy. At the end of your trip we accept VISA, MC, AMEX, Traveler's checks and even cash for payment.
Are children welcome aboard?
We love children and the Unbelievable’s cockpit area is a secure place for small children to learn to fish. Sea conditions, the type of trip, the child’s personality and the parent’s willingness to focus on the child’s safety as well as fish are factors that you need to consider. The Captain and mate’s job will be to provide you with a safe fun fishing experience. We cannot be babysitters. The Captain rules (i.e. limiting access to the bridge area or unruly behaviour) must be respected.
Do I need a fishing license?
As our guest you are covered by all the licenses the Unbelievable carries. We are a BVI registered vessel so we do not have to purchase a licence for fishing in our waters. Our license as a charterboat covers you as our anglers..
What about offshore Fly fishing?
We must say that we do not encourage offshore fly fishing, but there are several firms that offer this in the BVI.
Are there Party Boats in the BVI? No.
May I arrange to give a trip as a gift?
A gift certificate is a terrific present for the lucky fisherman in your life! Let us create a personalised certificate for the recipient. Payment in advance can be arranged by cash, travellers check or credit card.

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